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Searching for specificity in abstraction, my work begins with discarded scraps, matter that is a byproduct of construction or a casualty of time. All matter used to be something else before it was this and will become something else after it’s done being this. All making is unmaking.

I collect batches of these scraps, alter their shape or color, and arrange them using shifting systems of spatial and visual logic. If I stack something to move it aside, the arrangement will be different than if I’m sorting by shape or setting up relationships in color. When arranging, I pay special attention to the point when things become other things: when line becomes shape, when shape becomes form, when texture becomes structure.

Drawing on my experiences as a transgender person and my understanding of matter’s transformation over time, I place priority on the process of thingness–how seemingly static objects not so much “are'' as “happen.” Zoom out and consider the continuous shuffle of matter over time on a planetary scale. Zoom in to observe how subatomic processes maintain the forms we interact with at our bodily scale. If all being is happening, ‘form’ as noun becomes ‘form’ as verb.

I release boundaries of works in space and time, allowing components to expand and collapse, to break apart, combine, shuffle and change—presenting and re-presenting themselves in multiple stages of their perpetual becoming.


luka vergoz (he/they) works in a variety of mediums to bring about situations across planes, objects, & spaces. their interest in language, physics, physical movement, & cognitive science influence their subject & process.

luka has an mfa from uc davis and a ba from vassar college. they are currently a graduate fellow at headlands center for the arts in the san francisco bay area.

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