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statement circa 2019:


fluctuating from crowded to sparse, my work draws from cyclical elements of temporal experience, building and deconstructing systems composed of many variables. in faster times, when ideas are in abundance, the struggle becomes a negotiation with coherence. in slower times, i tend instead to zoom in to more specific relationships, picking apart aspects of setting and composition and focusing only on a few elements significant to the work.


whether i’m modifying space through surface, structure, subtraction, or a window into a new space, it becomes important in my work to manipulate relationships in depth, edges, color, value, and repetition in composition. i’ve been thinking a lot about prepositions and the assumptions they accumulate based in how we categorize subjective experience. what is assumed when describing something as:

in           on        at         with     about               through                           from       by                    of?


prepositions, prefixes describing position or direction, and  other language used to express movement and spatial relations have expanded over time and continue to take on new meanings in temporal, interpersonal, and abstract relationships. working visually allows me to bypass assumptions that come with relying on prepositions to describe relationships, as well as to address themes related to and reliant on these assumptions. when working, i place priority on play and plasticity. i try to challenge and have conversations with the rules i’ve unconsciously built for myself.

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